Rosco Lens Cleaner, Bottle 59ml

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The Rosco lens Cleaner is specially designed for cleaning glass lenses, mirrors, dichroic filters and other high quality glass optics.
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Rosco Lens Cleaner has been the choice of professional cameramen and cinematographers for over 50 years.

Its unique formulation is especially designed for cleaning glass lenses, mirrors, dichroic filters, and other fine quality glass optics. It is easy-to-use and fast drying. It quickly removes dirt, residue, smudges and fingerprints. Free of ammonia, detergents and glycerin, it leaves no streaks or residue. Rosco Lens Cleaner is packaged in a pocketsize 2 ounce drip bottle, or in a larger 16 ounce bulk bottle. A new, convenient 8 ounce spray bottle is particularly suited for lighting crews and rental shops, when cleaning lenses and reflectors in moving lights, as well as standard lighting fixtures.

Manufacturer: Rosco
Category: Lens-Cleaner
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Content‍: 59,00 ml