Ecto Plate is a simple, flexible, versatile solution for mounting accessories on your cinema camera rig. Available in 2"x4" and 3"x3" Ecto Plate offers an easy way to quickly and cleanly add just a few inches of precious flat mounting space to your build. Perfect for:

  • Timecode boxes
  • Audio Receivers
  • Cinetape Readouts
  • Wireless HD Transmitters

Made from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, Ecto Plate is lightweight but sturdy. Retractable/removable Arri-style anti-rotation pins allow quick and secure mounting that won't sag or wiggle loose. Just back out the pins with a standard allen wrench and Ecto Plate mounts flush on any top handle, cage, or cheese-plate.

Ecto Plate CF comes with 3/8-16 (captive) and 1/4-20 mounting screws as well as two female 1/4-20 holes. Bolt your plate directly to the side back or top of the camera when mounting a small accessory box, or get creative and put Ecto Plate on the end of an Noga arm for a multitude of other uses.

Ecto Plate AL & AL-RA also have both 3/8-16 (captive) and 1/4-20 mounting screws plus a bevy of 1/4-20 holes, 3/8-16 center hole (with Arri anti-rotation pin receivers), and several 1/4" pass-through channels. Hard mount directly to the plate or cover with our custom cut Velcro and attach your AKS that way!

Available currently in six different flavors, rest assured there's an Ecto Plate perfect for your application and Budget!