Hi! And welcome to the one-stop-shop experience for professional filmmakers.

As you notice, the one-stop- "something" for filmmakers is kind of our thing. Why? Well it´s basically our mission. Our founders are filmmakers themselves and felt, that filmmakers are serviced rather badly or not at all. We´re all up and going to change this. At www.prisma-filmtechnik.de you will already find a great selection of working gear, expendables, clothing and other handy stuff. As we ourself have roots as filmmakers, almost all of our equipment is testet on location, either from us or colleagues we trust to give crucially honest feedback on the products we offer. In erverything we do, we stay in close contact with our audience, professional filmmakers such as yourself. This ensures, that we add products to our selection that will proof helpful for a great number of filmmaker. Based on our philosophy stands the motto "From filmmakers, for filmmakers"

We're a mission driven business with the purpose to make the every day life of professional filmmakers easier and more enjoyable.

Good tools are half the job, a german craftsman saying goes. We believe this also applies whilst shooting. Because no matter whether in unusual locations or in adverse weather conditions: Optimal Set equipment is worth its weight in gold. Plus they provide fun at work and efficiency. Therefore, we offer functional workwear as well as appropriate tools and set bags with enough storage space.
What is true in many areas of work, especially applies when shooting a movie: time is money. It is crucial to the success of any shooting, to have the propper materials and tools at hand at any time. Wether the location is indoor or outdoor, you will always need consumables on set. To make sure, we´re offering a one-stop service for film profesionals, we are offering a variety of expendables especially suited for the movie industry. Our range goes from reliable Gaffer Tape to special adhesive tapes as the Kraken Tape. Beyond that, we feature many helpful tools in our shop that will help you on many occasions.

We are proud to be the distributor for Panavision products in Germany

To make sure we deliver only the best products, we started to built partnerships throughout the industry. Very early, when we still were just three filmmakers with a couple of hundred bucks each and the idea to change something about the staturs quo, Panavision trusted us with the rights for exlusive distributor ship for their range Panavision accesory products in germany. Thank you! That was the kickstart we needed and we´ve building partnerships ever since.