Ear inserts for sound tube

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Optional ear insert for sound tubes as a replacement for ear plugs. The advantage of the ear insert compared to the regular earplugs is the higher wearing comfort and the more secure fit in the ear.

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As a supplement to the security headset with sound tube, you can route the transmissions from the radio directly into your ear. The ear insert can be inserted better into the ear and the auricle and stays better positioned even with stronger movements. The flexible plastic is unobtrusively colored and remains comfortable even after a long period of time. Thanks to the sophisticated shape, it is suitable for almost all ears.

In the emergency services or as a security service, it is a great advantage if your hands remain free but you can keep in touch with colleagues. In this way you can coordinate better with the other emergency services and coordinate each operation better. The fire brigade, THW or event employees also appreciate hands-free communication. While the environment is not aware of the communication, everyone involved is always well informed.

The following ear inserts (sizes) are available:

  • right small
  • right middle
  • right big
  • left small 
  • left medium
  • left large

The ear tips are available individually or as a set .

Set of 6: all 3 sizes for the left and right ear

Set of 3, left: all 3 sizes for the left ear

Set of 3, right: all 3 sizes for the right ear

As with all ear inserts and earplugs, these should be changed and replaced regularly for hygienic reasons.


Scope of delivery:

  • Ear inserts in the selected size and number
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SKU: 123466