Tiffen#2 Replacement Glass ND2.0

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Tiffen #5 replacement glass Product summary:

Product Name: Tiffen #5 Replacement Glass

Manufacturer: Tiffen

Product Type: Replacement glass for Tiffen #5 Viewing Filter

Material: Optical glass

Dimensions: 5 inches (12.7 cm) in diameter

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- Utilizes high-quality optical glass to provide clear and precise viewing
- Precision-cut to seamlessly fit Tiffen #5 Viewing Filters
- Easy installation and replacement process
- Exceptional durability and scratch resistance

- Restores the clarity and precision of your Tiffen #5 Viewing Filter
- Shields your filter from scratches and potential damage
- Preserves the filter's color and contrast rendition integrity
- Prolongs the life of your Tiffen #5 Viewing Filter

- Replacing damaged or scratched glass on Tiffen #5 Viewing Filters
- Sustaining the performance and quality of Tiffen #5 Viewing Filters
- Ensuring precise color and contrast rendition for blue screen work and monitor calibration

How to use:
1. Gently remove the damaged or scratched glass from your Tiffen #5 Viewing Filter.
2. Thoroughly clean the filter frame to eliminate any dust or debris.
3. Carefully place the Tiffen #5 Replacement Glass into the filter frame.
4. Firmly press the glass into position to guarantee a secure fit.

- Handle the replacement glass with care to prevent fingerprints and smudges.
- Employ a clean, soft cloth for cleaning the filter frame and replacement glass.
- Safeguard your Tiffen #5 Viewing Filter by storing it in a protective case to prevent damage.
- Regularly examine your filter for indications of wear or damage, and replace the glass as necessary.

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SKU: tiffen5CVRG
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