Swivel Link Set

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The "SLS" Swivel Link Set from Cardellini Clamps is a versatile kit that allows you to connect and pivot equipment at any angle, providing enhanced flexibility and control in various photography, videography, and filmmaking setups.

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The set includes the following components;

Card-a-Links (CL):

Lightweight aluminum couplers with 3/8"-16 male threads at each end.
Join two 5/8" pins together, allowing for attachment to various hardware.
Lock in place with a 3/16" Allen wrench.

Swivel Connector (SC):

Stainless steel connector that joins two Card-a-Links together.
Allows for 360-degree rotation of the connected accessories.
Provides smooth, unrestricted movement.

Assembly and Functionality

The Card-A-Links connect to clamps or other equipment with 5/8" pins.
The Swivel Connector joins the two Card-A-Links together, creating a flexible joint.
This setup allows you to position and angle equipment precisely, even in tight spaces.
Ideal for adjusting lights, flags, monitors, cameras, or other accessories.

Manufacturer: Cardellini Clamp Products
Category: Set appearal & Equipment
SKU: SLS10101