Montane Powerdry Glove

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The Montane Powerdry Glove Product Summary:

The Montane Powerdry Glove, a lightweight and adaptable liner glove ideal for a range of activities such as running, hiking, and skiing.
Crafted from premium Powerdry fabric, these gloves are engineered to efficiently wick away moisture, ensuring your hands remain dry and comfortable.

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1. Crafted from soft and comfortable Powerdry fabric
2. Efficient moisture-wicking for dry and comfortable hands
3. Sleek fit for enhanced dexterity and control
4. Touchscreen compatibility on fingertips
5. Reflective logos for visibility in low-light conditions

1. Maintain dry and comfortable hands, even during demanding activities
2. Minimize friction and the risk of blisters
3. Enhance your grip on tools and equipment
4. Stay connected to your devices without glove removal
5. Remain visible to others in low-light conditions

How to Use:
1. Effortlessly slide on the Montane Powerdry glove, adjusting the fit to your preference.
2. Designed for use on both the left and right hand.
3. After use, remove the gloves and clean them by washing in cold water.

1. Select the appropriate glove size for your hand to ensure the best performance and comfort with a snug fit.
2. Regularly inspect the gloves for signs of wear and tear, replacing damaged gloves promptly.
3. Store the gloves in a cool, dry location when not in use for prolonged durability.

Manufacturer: Montane
Category: Set appearal & Equipment