MagLiner Mag Umbrella Canvas (Black)

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The MagLiner Mag Umbrella Canvas Product Summary:

The MagLiner Mag Umbrella Canvas in Black offers durability and versatility as an accessory for your MagLiner hand truck.

Crafted from high-quality black canvas, it is meticulously designed to shield your equipment from the elements.

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Key Features:
Crafted from Premium Black Canvas: Constructed using high-quality black canvas material.
Weather Protection: Effectively shields your cargo from the elements, including sun and rain.
Quick Attachment and Removal: Easily attaches to and detaches from MagLiner hand trucks for added convenience.
Foldable Design: Folds down compactly for effortless storage and transport.

Weatherproof Cargo: Maintain cargo dryness and protection from the sun and rain, reducing the risk of damage.
Enhanced Cargo Preservation: Decrease the likelihood of cargo damage, ensuring items arrive in pristine condition.
Aesthetic Enhancement: Elevate the overall appearance of your MagLiner hand truck with this accessory.
Versatility Boost: Expand the utility of your MagLiner hand truck for diverse transport needs.

Usage Instructions:
Attachment: To secure the MagLiner Mag Umbrella Canvas to your hand truck, slide it over the top of the frame and fasten it using the provided straps.
Umbrella Positioning: For umbrella adjustment, simply loosen the straps and slide the umbrella up or down to your desired height.
Removal: To remove the umbrella, just loosen the straps and slide it off the frame.

Helpful Tips:
For added stability, consider using bungee cords to secure the umbrella to your hand truck's frame.
Ensure that the umbrella is centered over your load for optimal protection.
Regularly inspect the umbrella for any signs of wear and tear to maintain its effectiveness.

Manufacturer: MagLiner
Category: Umbrellas - Tents
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