MagLiner Mag Rain Tent Umbrella

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Attaches to the pram by connecting the tent pole to an umbrella holder and a 5/8â€"baby pin (not included)
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The Mag Rain Tent looks similar to the Mag HD Tent, but it has some major modifications in order for it to accomplish its objective. The main features include water proof top and sides, three large clear windows with covers to block light and double velcro to join top and sides securely. This tent may be used as an HD tent as well.​ Attaches to cart by hooking up tent support shaft to an Umbrella Holder and a 5/8” Baby Pin (not included) Moves along with cart Easy to assemble Light weight and durable Water proof Front door uses zipper for quick access Built-in velcro loops to hold door open Three windows with clear plastic and cover Built-in grommets to secure to sandbags Carabiners to hold down sandbags (4) Skirt is one piece, attaches to top with velcro Tent may be offset 30° for extra room Includes all necessary hardware Custom Bag to hold tent and hardware Specifications: Material: Ultra Bounce (Tent) / Steel (Hardware) Colour: White/Black Maximum Capacity: N/A Dimensions (D x W x H): 1448 x 1448 x 2362 mm Weight: 10.5kg Requirements: Magliner Mini, Magliner Junior (Modified) or Magliner Senior (Modified), Mag Umbrella Holder, Mag Nose 5/8” Baby Pin (Center). Conflicts: Mag Antenna Riser. Suggestions: Mag LCD HD Monitor Arm, Mag LCD Tilt Head with Tilt Head Pin adapter (4, 8 or 12’), Mag LCD HD Monitor Arm U-Handle Adapter.
Manufacturer: MagLiner
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