MagLiner Mag 8" Dual Wheel Conversion Kit (Standard)

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Like the standard wheel conversion kit, but equipped with four 8-inch wheels.
Must be ordered. Ready for shipment in 45 days after order.

Delivery time: 46 - 47 Workdays

Same as the Standard Wheel Conversion Kit, but outfitted with four 8” wheels.
Note: All Wheel Conversion Kits are now equipped with the wheel sliding bracket option which allows you to interchange between Sand/DuneWheels, Track Wheels and Dual Wheels.


Material: Steel
Colour: Black
Maximum Capacity: 225kg
Dimensions (D x W x H): 120 x 746 x 343 mm
Weight: 16kg

Requirements: Magliner Junior (Modified) or Magliner Senior (Modified).
Conflicts: None.
Suggestions: See other 8” Wheel Conversion Kit options, Mag Quad Axle Kit, Mag Twin Axle Kit, Mag Sand/Dune Wheel Kit.

Manufacturer: MagLiner
Category: Camera
Item weight‍: 17,00 kg