Double Sided Tape High-Tak Extra-Strong 50mm x 50m

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Our Double Sided High Tack Tissue Tape promises a high quality adhesive which bonds to just about every clean and dry surface.  The thin and flexible material from which our product is made allows it to be torn easily by hand and can be removed residue-free for a period of up to 24 hours. The Double Sided High Tack Tissue Tape is highly conformable and user friendly which makes it ideal for those essential improvisations which often occur on set.

The versatility of this product makes it one of the best double sided tissue tapes on the market and suitable for a wide variety of different applications. 

Key Features:

  • 2 x adhesive surface

  • Very high adhesive strength

  • Suitable for outdoor use

  • Water-resistant

  • Up to 24 hours residue-free removal

  • Hand tearable


Double sided tape should remain in packaging until use and should be stored in dry conditions at room temperature. We recommend that you use the tape within one year after purchase in order to guarantee the maximum adhesive strength. Nature of workplace and weather conditions will also have an effect on the adhesive surface. The adhesive strength of a tape describes the necessary strength needed to remove the adhesive strip once it has been applied.

Temperature Range:

Tissue tapes have a set range of temperatures in which they are able to achieve the adhesive strength advertised on the packaging. However, this will vary depending on work and weather conditions with changing, unfavourable weather having an effect on its performance. This is true of even the strongest double sided high tack tissue tapes.

Tips on usage:

When applying the Double Sided High Tack Tissue Tape to particularly sensitive surfaces, we recommend that the product is first tested on an inconspicuous area in order to avoid any damages. It is important to note that these tissue tapes are not designed to hold heavy objects for long periods of time. The surface on which the tape is intended to be used should be clean, grease-free and as even as possible in order to guarantee the optimal level of adhesive strength. Large particles of dirt and grease can prevent the tape from sticking properly and hinder the strength of the adhesive.


Manufacturer: Le Mark
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SKU: DS403050
GTIN: 757901106996
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