Clean's Camera Support Rangefinder Bracket

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Important: The Rangefinder comes without the Cinetape Adapter. Here is the link to the Cinetape Adapter.
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This is a completely redesigned rangefinder bracket based off the panning ability of the panatape. this new bracket has a gear on the knob so that any remote focus motor could be set up to pan the bracket remotely. the new bracket is also more modular with a removable extension piece and rotatable end pieces. the camera 15mm mounting post has 3/8? threads and comes with a locating pin disc for more secure mounting to arri or panavision cameras. the disc is removable so you can still use the mounting post on sony and red cameras. included in the kit is a horizontal 15mm post for mounting a remote focus motor to pan the bracket.  the new bracket does not include any adapters for range finders (cinetape, sniper).  those adapters must be purchased separately.

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