Gill work glove 5 fingers M

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Gill Work Glove 5 Fingers Product Summary:

Gill Work Glove 5 Fingers M, a resilient and adaptable work glove suitable for a wide range of tasks.
 Crafted from top-tier materials, it incorporates several elements designed to enhance comfort and usability.

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1. Constructed with robust synthetic leather for longevity
2. Enhanced protection with reinforced palm and fingers
3. Form-fitting design for dexterity and control
4. Touchscreen compatibility on fingertips
5. Comfortable breathability with a mesh back

1. Shield your hands from dirt, debris, and abrasions
2. Enhance your grip on tools and equipment
3. Minimize fatigue and strain during extended work sessions
4. Stay connected to your devices without glove removal
5. Maintain cool and comfortable hands while working.

How to Use:
1. Effortlessly don the Gill Work Glove 5 Fingers M by slipping it onto your hand and adjusting the strap for a snug fit.
2. These gloves are designed to be worn on both the left and right hand.
3. After use, simply remove the gloves and wash them in cold water to keep them clean and fresh.

1. Ensure the correct glove size for your hand to maximize protection and dexterity with a snug fit.
2. Regularly inspect the gloves for any signs of wear and tear, replacing damaged gloves promptly.
3. Store the gloves in a cool, dry place when not in use to preserve their quality.

Manufacturer: Gill
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SKU: 950282S3F-003
GTIN: 5052316070371
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