Bluestar Eyecushion made of fleece round large Killer Bee

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Bluestar Round Killer Bee Product Summary
This eyecushion design not only provides a comfortable feel but also brings your eye closer to the EVF display, enhancing your view inside the eyepiece.

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The Bluestar #3066 Blackmagic Special Use Round Eyecushion, formerly known as #6066, is a well-designed replacement for the OEM Blackmagic rubber eyecup.

It offers a snug fit around the eyepiece diopter, and it's important to remove the original rubber eyecup before attaching it.

It's compatible with various camera models, such as the Blackmagic Design URSA Viewfinder, Sony Fs7 (with careful attachment), and the PortKeys LEYE Viewfinder (after removing the included velcro pad).

To attach the eyecushion, follow these steps: Remove the original rubber eyecup, stretch the eyecushion's rubber backing around the eyepiece diopter, and ensure an even and secure fit.

Manufacturer: BlueStar
Category: Eyecushions
SKU: BSRLF2012-001
GTIN: 201210226
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