Zeltgummi Gummispanner mit Kugel schwarz 18cm 25 Stück

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Crafted from durable materials including nylon, rubber, and a plastic end ball, these tarpaulin cords offer resilience and flash resistance. The elastic cord measures around 4mm in diameter.

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Ideal for various applications, these sustainable ball bungee cords are perfect for securing tents, tarpaulins, flags, blankets, trampolines, sleeping bags, and more, making them a valuable addition to your outdoor gear or camping kit.

Their ease of use is highlighted as the elastic loop effortlessly threads through eyelets and secures around a suitable anchor point, returning above the ball. Thanks to their robust elasticity, worry not about the size of your object; these cords can reliably hold various items in place.

This package includes 25 tensioners, providing a versatile solution for a range of needs. Whether for outdoor activities or fixing items at home or outdoors, these elastic cords offer practical and reliable solutions.

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Artikelnummer: XL10215
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