Slipway Tunneltape black 145mm x 30m

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An edge-only adhesive system allows SlipWay Cable Cover to secure itself to a variety of surfaces while your cables lay beneath the adhesive-free, laminated centre. This helps them stay residue free, potentially saving you time and money cleaning your cables.

Item out of stock

Edge-only adhesive cable cover / tunnel tape

  • Self-adhesive cable cover / tunnel tape

  • Adhesive-free, laminated centre

  • Plain matt black finish also available for discrete applications

  • Printed ‘CAUTION’ in three languages

  • Easy to tear by hand

  • Durable

  • Puncture resistant

  • Residue resistant adhesive: Always test on a small area first as some surfaces and environments can cause the adhesive to transfer.
Manufacturer: Slipway
Category: Special-Tape
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